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project management services canada

Specialization in the following Project Management Services

  1. Complete project management consultancy (PMC)
  2. Perfect project business services, and project business solutions
  3. Project management officer services
  4. Project life cycle, portfolio, and agile / waterfall management
  5. Project management office (PMO) setup, deployment, and management
  6. Scope of work development
  7. Project process workshop management, process integration, and efficiency improvements
  8. Project review
  9. Design, develop, and implement the following:
    • Project code of accounts (COA)
    • Typical and specific work breakdown structure (WBS)
    • Gate approval process
    • Project execution plan and strategy
    • Project change management process
    • Project risk management process
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Project complexity matrix
    • Project classification matrix
    • Recovery plan
  10. GAP analysis
  11. Implementation of value engineering
  12. Rectifying issues in project team dynamics, such as poor communication, unclear roles, and low trust
  13. Team Charter development
project management services canada